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We have been breeding this line of Bulldogs for over 28 years. We have everything you would want from a breeder:  experience, quality and knowledge. We only produce one or two litters a year and only keep about 4 to 6 adults at any given time. We do not breed for quantity we bred for quality. We are not breeding these to make money like so many breeders do we are breeding them to produce bulldogs that have good disposition,  are healthy,  athletic, intelligent and a great bulldog look. 


With over seven generations in our kennels that we have bred not just went out and bought from some other kennel, you know what are you are getting when you purchase a Willingham's Old Time Bulldog. Our bloodlines go all the way to back to the very first male that we started with. Due to this bloodline and the knowledge of the lines we are always able to maintain a very consistent type of pup in every litter.   


The quality or look of a Willingham Old Time Bulldog is something we are very proud of, so many breeders now days just breed to get the look of whatever will sale for the most money and the quickest, they just breed for a look and shape that in most cases compromises the health and ability of the dog without caring what it will mean down the road for the potential owner or family. We have never followed that path, our breeding guidelines have been health, disposition, ability and looks with them in that order of importance. Even though health and disposition have been the higher importance to us we still have been able to breed over the years to bloodlines that have some of the most sought after looks there is yet still maintain the primary points of concern to us. When you get a Willingham's Old Time Bulldog you get a bulldog that will have the looks to be proud of but have the health and athletic ability to match it.  

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Willingham's Old Time Bulldogs

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